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Research facilities

SIUC’s state-of-the-art Aquatic Research Laboratory and Saluki Aquarium will be the premier research facility of its type within the region. This 7,000 square foot research laboratory and 8,000 gallon feature aquarium will be used to raise both marine and freshwater animals for ecology, aquaculture, and conservation research and student training. Faculty and student researchers from all departments across campus will have access to dozens of replicated mesocosm environments and individual culture tanks.

The Aquatic Research Laboratory and Saluki Aquarium is designed to support work in diverse aquatic-related fields, including marine biology, fisheries biology, aquaculture, environmental education, aquarium and zoo curation, herpetology, and coral husbandry. The facility will allow us to work closely with our partners in government, academia, natural resources management, and conservation to answer pressing questions in marine and freshwater science while producing generations of experts who will care for our aquatic resources. 

The Aquatic Research Laboratory and Saluki Aquarium will bring groups of all ages and backgrounds to campus, providing an opportunity to learn how our rivers and Great Lakes are intimately tied to our oceans. The facilities reflect and underscore the reality of our planet’s interconnected water networks: that there is no distinction between freshwater and marine systems when it comes to conserving and protecting our delicate aquatic ecosystems.

Schematics of the Aquatic Research Laboratory and Saluki Aquarium facilities can be seen here.